Hello there and welcome to SoSplush - the tech sticker shop that's aiming to build bigger, better, and more inclusive communities!

If you have been following SoSplush in the past, you'll notice that I had various ways across the internet for supporters and sticker lovers like you to support SoSplush and get free stuff!

You might have seen me on:

  • Patreon
  • Ko-fi
  • Buy Me a Coffee
  • Etsy
  • and others...

The support each month has been mindblowing! I can't say thank you enough!

What I've noticed through the last year is that the SoSplush brand is not reaching everyone that it can because there's so many different avenues. This is why SoSplush has landed here! Woohoo!

If you're a fan of the shop, you can easily still shop your favorites, add things to your cart, and get them in the same way you used to with Etsy.

Supporters, Patrons, and the receivers of my undying love can subscribe to SoSplush through this same site. For $10/month or $100/annually (a 17% discount), you can get access to $14 in free swag shipped to you each month!

(If you are international (non-us) and would like to pay more to cover the cost of shipping, please contact me! 😊)

This can be a pin, a bunch of stickers, a mousepad - anything from the store (equaling $14) picked and curated by SoSplush as a Thank You for helping us continue our mission! All you need to do is hit that Subscribe Button and you'll gain instant access!

Subscribers will also have access to some Secret Swag! This means as a Subscriber you can have access to preorders, secret exclusive items, and occasional freebies in orders you place!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you made possible! I can't even tell you what it means that a year and half ago I was crying on my living floor when the original VSCode Girl stickers blew up.

See you soon and may the glitter be with you!

Kelly 💖