How the Kickstart will work!

Thanks for your interest in supporting the SoSplush store and getting an awesome t-shirt out of it!

Once you purchase your shirt and choose your size, you'll be added to a contact list. At the end of April (or when we hit 75 shirts, whatever comes first) AND if we hit the minimum of 30 shirts, everyone who preordered a shirt will receive a Google form link to the email you place your order with. You will be able to choose your preferred framework shirt based on the unlocked tiers.

For example, if we sell 42 shirts, you will be able to choose between the JS and the React shirt in the size you specify here.

Unlocking the higher tiers depends on selling more shirts, you can help unlock your favorite design by sharing this item on Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit!

The shirts will be shipped to the shipping address you provide through the checkout here. Due to the expected volume of orders, I won't be able to confirm the address once the order forms go out so if the shipping addresses you provide changes between now and the end of April, please contact me through email or Twitter.

Stay up to date with which designs become unlocked by following Kelly on Twitter @SoSplush and subscribing to the newsletter down below - it's free!

Sad Path - 100% Refunds

If we don't hit 30 shirts by the end of April, Kelly will be really sad but she will provide a full refund (including shipping) to anyone who did place an order.